PerkinElmer’s Tools to study virus-host interaction and virus inhibition

Tue19  Oct04:15pm(15 mins)
Room 3A
Dr Louise  Affleck


PerkinElmer has developed assay technologies, microplates, multi-mode plate readers and Imaging instrumentation + reagents for Drug Discovery research. The HTRF and AlphaLISA homogeneous, orthogonal assay platforms are robust, flexible and can be applied to a large range of drug targets within Infection Biology for small and large molecule drug research. This presentation highlights:

Homogeneous assays for:
 viral antigen quantification
 detecting immune-response e.g. cytokine release + phospho-protein signalling assays
 virus:host interaction e.g. Biochemical PPI assays for COVID-19 therapeutic discovery
 anti-viral antibodies

Cell-based strategies for:
 Britelite Plus Luciferase viral neutralisation assays
 ATPlite luminescence viral cytopathic effect assays (CPE)
 PhenoVue Cellular Imaging Reagents + Phenoplate microplates (HCS)
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