Quantum computing: a new frontier in drug discovery?

Wed20  Oct03:00pm(30 mins)
Hall 1B
 Sam Genway


Quantum computers have been on the horizon for many years as an out-of-reach game-changer for some of the toughest real-world challenges. Today, with many of the biggest names in quantum hardware such as IBM and Google projecting to reach significant milestones in the next few years, the 2020s are set to be the decade where quantum computing starts to blossom. Several R&D organisations are already developing capability in quantum technologies, and 40% of large companies are forecast to develop quantum initiatives by 2025.

Quantum technology is in a similar place to the start of the recent AI era, and there is early empirical promise for the use of quantum computers as a powerful tool for drug discovery. While there is currently a great deal of hype, and quantum computers will not offer universal benefit, there are problems in quantum simulation, optimisation and even machine learning which could ultimately be transformed.

This talk will explain why quantum computing is so exciting for challenges in drug discovery, share some of the future applications, and talk about what you can do today to be ready to reap the future benefits of this nascent technology.
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