Exceptional Science Presentations: How to Effectively Communicate the Value of Your Work

Tue19  Oct02:00pm(45 mins)
Room 11B - Workshop
 Anita Ramanathan


Designing a good scientific talk matters just as much as designing a good experiment. Think about it – if your scientific finding is important, then the vehicle used to communicate these findings is equally important, right?

Most technical presentations, however, fail to hit the mark. Without the right communication tools, even fascinating findings may go unnoticed.

On the flipside, by honing simple science communication skills, your work gets the recognition it needs, and you attract the opportunities you deserve.

That’s the power of a well-crafted scientific story — the missing ingredient in most technical presentations. Delivering your message using the principles of storytelling not only captures your audience in the moment, but also leaves a lasting impression of your work long after the talk.

Breaking down the tried-and-true story techniques used by science communicators, this workshop shows you how to structure your scientific message to communicate the true value of your research.

Learning objectives:
Learn the three key principles of effective scientific presentations Recognize common mistakes made in technical presentations (and learn how to avoid them) Fine-tune your message to address different audience types Use story techniques to capture and hold attention
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