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WuXi AppTec HitS is a unit under WuXi Biology. With a focus on DNA Encoded Library (DEL) technology, HitS offer a service covering the whole target to hit platform: protein production, DEL and Fragment Based screening (FBDD), and hit validation (biophysical & biochemical panel, structure-based drug discovery). HitS has four operational sites located in China, Germany and the USA and about 250 proficient scientists, assuring the high quality data delivery in a timely manner.

The protein production service covers from construct design/protein engineering to crystal grade protein delivery. We have worked on a variety of targets, including nucleic acid binding proteins, DNA repairing factors and transmembrane proteins. HitS provide three types of DEL services designed for different needs: DELpro contains a library of 46+ billion molecules and offers a one-stop solution, DELight has 15+ billion molecules in its library with unprecedented data release and DELopen provides free access to DEL for academic users. In addition, our FBDD library has 3100 fragments. The advanced Dianthus device enables us to run and analyze the carefully tendered HitS Fragment Library or your own library at an unparalleled speed. HitS has a comprehensive biophysical and biochemical technology platform for hit confirmation, including innovative biophysical technologies like TRIC (Dianthus), and state-of-the art biochemical approaches like HTRF and AlphaScreen. The newly launched Ready-to-go Assay offers fast and cost-effective assays for a broad range of targets such as NLRP3 and KRAS. The structure biology group utilize X-Ray crystallography, cryo-EM and NMR to determine de novo structures. Taken together, the cutting-edge technologies at HitS allows a more efficient and productive drug discovery process.

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