CyBio FeliX: Making Simple Western™ Technology … More Simple


R Mordue1; F Deakin2; C Hirst2; K Dodgson1; G Allenby1
1 Aurelia Bioscience Ltd, UK;  2 Analytik Jena AG, UK


Simple-Western™ JESS is a capillary based automated western blot instrument
capable of running 24 samples from generation to results in approximately 5
hours. This throughput is advantageous compared to traditional western blot
systems that traditionally runs 10-20 samples, has 4-5 hours bench time, and
takes 24-48 hours to get results. Automation of the protein separation and
immunodetection process eliminates the error prone steps of traditional western
blotting and the associated software quickly processes the quantifiable data.
At Aurelia Bioscience, the Simple-Western™ JESS is a staple technique in a
repertoire of drug discovery methodologies. Therefore, our aim was to simplify
the Simple-Western™ procedure, increasing flexibility of a scientists workload
and reproducibility of JESS data, while also allowing inexperienced users to
access the technology. In order to examine the capabilities of the technology,
THAL-SNS-032 (a well studied PROTAC) was examined for its ability to degrade
CDK9 and compared with data previously generated for the Protein-Simple™
webinar “Advancing
Targeted Protein Degradation Research with Automated Western Blotting”.

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