Translating precision in microbiome science into transformative medicines and biomarkers

Wed24  Feb02:25pm(20 mins)
Conference Room 2
Dr Anne Neville


The human gut microbiome is essential to our health and disturbances to the microbiota are thought to underpin many human diseases. Initially built out of 10 years’ investment in the Wellcome Sanger Institute and based in Cambridge UK, Microbiotica identifies gut bacteria linked to patient phenotype with unprecedented precision to develop validated live bacterial therapeutics and biomarkers based on clinical datasets. As the global leader in gut bacterial culturing, we have built an extensive microbiome Culture Collection and proprietary Reference Genome Database, which underpin our strain-level microbiome analysis and microbiome AI. We have also established advanced capabilities in translational biology and preclinical development. The company is in development with best-in-class live bacterial therapeutics for immuno-oncology and ulcerative colitis, and has partnerships with Genentech, Cancer Research UK, University of Cambridge and University of Adelaide.

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