Instruct-ERIC: the European Research Infrastructure for structural biology delivering cutting edge technology to academic and industry researchers


S Daenke1R J Owens2; N Gray2; C Alén Amaro1; S Chapman2; N Haley1; D I Stuart2
1 Instruct-ERIC, UK;  2 Division of Structural Biology, University of Oxford, UK


Instruct-ERIC is a pan-European research infrastructure that provides access to technology and expertise for structural biology at 23 research sites across Europe ( Through a combination of funded research visits, training, internships and R&D awards, Instruct promotes the development and application of new techniques. Technologies offered through Instruct reflect demand from the structural biology community. For example, Instruct has nine cryo- electron microscope (cryo-EM) platforms providing specialist tomography and single particle analysis, including fast sample loading and image processing. Similar advances have been made available through Instruct for the use of in-cell NMR methods, nanobody discovery and protein production. The latest addition to Instruct is the Robotein platform ( ) that offers high through put protein expression and characterisation including biophysical analysis of proteins in situ spotted onto high density microarrays.

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