Diagnosis of intestinal schistosomiasis by POC-CCA. A new field applicable approach to quantify score intensities.

Tue16  Apr12:45pm(3 mins)
Renold C16
Miss Miriam Casacuberta Partal


M Casacuberta Partal1; P T Hoekstra1; D Kornelis1; L van Lieshout1; G J van Dam1
1 Leiden University Medical Centre, Netherlands


The point-of-care strip assay for the detection of the schistosome Circulating Cathodic Antigen (POC-CCA) in urine has shown to be a user-friendly and accurate alternative to stool microscopy for the diagnosis of Schistosoma mansoni infections. However, visual scoring of the test is by definition observer dependent which may lead to discussions about the qualitative interpretation, in particular in low infection intensities when test lines tend to be less strong.

The current proof-of-concept study evaluates an innovative approach for semi-quantification of the POC-CCA readings which is applicable to field settings. Scoring of the cassettes was done by visual comparing of the test line against a series of artificial cassettes (inkjet-printed strips with different test line intensities). These artificial cassettes are designed to grade the POC-CCA test line intensity on a scale of 1 to 10, named G1 to G10, or G scores. This approach will allow to standardize the scoring procedure and to minimize observer dependency and different quantitative interpretations.

Here we selected a representative series of urines (n≤110) from an S.mansoni endemic area and tested them with the POC-CCA using the G scores method. Results showed a significant correlation between the line intensity based on the G scores and the visual scoring system as well as with the intensity of the infection determined by Kato-Kats microscopy stool examination, expressed as eggs per gram of faeces. This study demonstrates the usefulness and applicability of the G score scale for standardized scoring and interpretation of the POC-CCA urine strip assay.

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