Rapid Quantification of Proteins in Complex Matrices using the DeNovix DS11 microvolume Spectrophotometer


Recent advances in microvolume spectrometry have made significant impact on the workflow in life science laboratories by greatly reducing the number of steps required in order to gain reliable data. Microvolume spectrophotometers require between 1-2 microlitres of sample and give highly accurate measurements in less than 20 seconds. During measurement, a droplet of sample is placed on a pedestal. An optical cell is formed when a top piece completing the light source assembly is placed onto the droplet and a column of fixed length is formed. This application has become the gold standard in nucleic acids research labs but has significant limitations for protein characterisation and quantification. These limitations are due to sample properties such as surface tension and viscosity for complex protein samples.
In this poster, we will introduce the DeNovix DS11 as the next generation in microvolume spectrophotometry. Its patent pending optical mechanical design and SmartPath® technology overcome previous limitations by eliminating the requirement for a column to be formed prior to measurement. In addition, it offers the widest dynamic range eliminating the need for sample dilution prior to measurement as previously required. We will also discuss the ground breaking EasyApps® software suite which comes as standard on the custom Andriod tablet device, eliminating the need for an external PC. The small footprint of the DS11 microvolume spectrophotometer (20 x 33 cm) makes it ideal for use in a busy multi-user environment, saving valuable bench space.

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