The European Lead Factory: Game Changing for Innovative Medicine


The European Lead Factory is a pan-European platform for drug discovery, supported by IMI, which was set to give a major boost to drug research in Europe. Comprising a collection of half a million compounds and a screening centre, the European Lead Factory will offer both researchers in academia and SMEs an unprecedented opportunity to advance medical research and develop new medicines.

The pharmaceutical companies in the consortium have contributed a total of over 300.000 compounds to the project in order to create a joint compound collection. An addition of estimated 200.000 novel compounds is currently being generated by public partner contributions during the project, resulting in a unique Joint European Compound Library with some 500.000 compounds.

The European Lead Factory combines the power of the pharmaceutical industry's previously inaccessible compound libraries with the innovation offered by the academic communities when designing novel compounds and with the expertise of many SMEs in HTS and library generation. Importantly, it will provide a screening platform of industrial excellence in Europe for small molecule drug discovery projects in the public sector.

The research leading to these results has received support from IMI under grant agreement n° 115489 and EFPIA companies in kind contribution

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