Label-Free HTS of Transporters and Ion Channels


Presenter: Nathan Zahler
Affiliation: XRpro Corp., One Kendall Square, STE B2002, Cambridge MA, 02139
Coauthors: John Hsieh; Suyue Wang; Emilia Solomon; Lori Peterson; Gary Altman; Benjamin Warner
Affiliations: XRpro Corp., One Kendall Square, STE B2002, Cambridge MA, 02139
We introduce a novel high-throughput method for ion transporter and ion channel investigations based on X-ray fluorescence (XRF). The technique measures ion uptake and efflux using populations of cells with no requirement for fluorophores or radiolabels. Application to both ion channels and transporters is demonstrated. In addition, the technique is broadly applicable. Using XRF, all chemical elements with an atomic number greater than 12 can be quantified simultaneously, allowing application to multiple species in a variety of complex cell media, including such as serum and high DMSO concentrations. Overall, XRF-based analysis provides an attractive alternative that is compatible with current HTS workflows, offers an expanded range of assays, reduces costs and eliminates operational complexities associated with dyes and radiolabels.

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