Jenkins-CI & Cell Profiler: User Experience


High throughput, biological assays generate large volumes of very different types of data which require a diverse set of computational tools for management, processing, and analysis. This poster describes using Jenkins- CI, an “off-the-shelf”, open source continuous integration system for the processing of high content images and associated data.
CellProfiler is a powerful, open-source, image processing platform. By integrating CellProfiler within Jenkins-CI it is possible for lab biologists to use CellProfiler configured for high performance parallel processing on a Linux cluster. Parallel processing of high content images considerably shortens the time required for processing the large numbers of images collected during high content screening. In addition, cumbersome data and metadata processing tasks can also be easily performed by end users via computational tools wrapped within Jenkins. The entire platform is accessible for lab scientists through web forms provided within Jenkins-CI.Two servers, running Jenkins-CI, and the associated custom workflows, have been deployed globally at different sites providing a robust way for sharing, annotating and reusing image processing protocols and results.
The poster will present how the end user can easily interact with Jenkins-CI to accomplish complex, computationally advanced tasks.

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