A new pharmaceutical nanoencapsulated formulation for a drug against VIH for mucosal administration


With the astonishing development and growing of Nanotechnology in the last few years, the administration of new drugs based upon this technology has been a subject of great attention. Nanocapsules have been taken into consideration more and more along the time the potential candidates to transport therapeutic agents to the compartment of an organ, a tissue or a cell into the human body. These nanocapsules are colloidal structures having diameters of less than 100 nm and therefore can penetrate the blood stream through minute capillary vessels into the cells. This innovative delivery technique could be a promising technology to deal with the facing of the actual challenges in drug delivery. The drug selected to be nanoencapsulated was Ritonavir. Ritonavir was originally developed as an inhibitor of HIV protease. It is one of the most complex inhibitors and remains widely used as a booster of other protease inhibitors. This discovery was first communicated in an article published in the journal AIDS in 1997 by researchers at the University of Liverpool. The creation of a non invasive nanoencapsulated drug of easy administration leads to a more rapid and effective treatment due to the fact that the bioavailability of the drug is not altered since it does not have to go through the gastrointestinal tract. The above avoids gastric damage caused by an oral drug and avoids as well as the discomfort and pain caused by the parenteral administration of drugs. The purpose of this work was the design, manufacturing and evaluation of Ritonavir nanoencapsulated as a new pharmaceutical formulation for mucosal administration. For the fulfillment of the objectives of this work, several coacervation techniques were used. The parameters considered as variables were pH, amount of encapsulating material (gelatin), drying methods and phase-separation techniques

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