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Design, Synthesis and Optimisation of a Novel, Proprietary Fragment Library Using Biophysical Techniques


Sygnature Discovery has designed, synthesised and screened a diverse, soluble fragment library. This proprietary fragment library is comprised of over 900 compounds, most of which are not commercially available. The library was designed using the ‘rule of 3’ as a guideline and with a strong emphasis on diversity such that a large proportion of the available chemical space is covered. With at least one chemical handle for elaboration the library is readily amenable to medicinal chemistry.

All fragments have measured solubility of at least 1 mM and have been through a surface plasmon resonance (SPR) clean screen to eliminate poorly behaving compounds. When screened in-house against three diverse targets using SPR, the library has given good hit rates against all three targets. A detailed analysis of the SPR sensorgrams was used to assess the binding behaviour of the hits. Hits can be further evaluated in-house using thermal shift analysis and further characterised using NMR and crystallography through Sygnature’s established collaborators.
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