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Robotics & Automation 2016
Wednesday, 4 May 2016
Robotics & Automation 2016
General Info

The Internet of Things in the Laboratory

Fri8  Jul02:00pm(30 mins)
Main Lecture Hall
Mr Mark Auty


The internet of things is changing the way people interact with devices in the same way that telemetry and machine to machine communication has changed industry. Laboratory equipment is however relatively unconnected to the rest of the lab infrastructure, frequently requiring the user to present themselves to the device in order to determine its status. This talk outlines the current activities within Unilever to remotely interact with a broad range of instrumentation over a number of locations, in particular discussing the development of a status logging system for the devices and the benefits that this data can provide to operators, owners and laboratory managers.
The talk will cover:

A brief overview of IoT
The need for such a system and it’s context within Unilever lab automation.
The tools used to deploy it.
The pitfalls to avoid.
The evolution of the system.
The benefits that it has brought.

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